In the past, having diabetes meant following a strict, “one size fits all” diet, and giving up many of your favorite foods. As a Certified Diabetes Educator, Joyce personalizes diabetes management to fit into your lifestyle.   We hope you find the information on this website helpful in your day to day life.


People who are active get fewer colds, and if they do get one, it doesn’t last as long, according to a recent study of people ages 18 to 85, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.


Researchers tested 11 brands of Red Yeast Rice supplements and found that some samples contained amounts of cholesterol-lowering compounds that were significantly higher than other samples; that would be like getting a prescription from a doctor for a 20 mg. dose, and finding that the pills in your bottle contained a much higher dose.
Some brands were found to be contaminated with citrin, a potential toxin, according to a report released last month by consumerlab.com (an independent group that evaluates health and nutrition supplements).


How many nuts are in a 1 ounce serving? I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy when I read the label on a package of nuts to see how many calories I’m about to consume, and it lists 160 for a 1 ounce serving. Well, unless you have a food scale handy, how do you know how many nuts are in an ounce?   The answer is about a handful.  Well, since hands vary in size, here’s more accurate information:

Almonds: 20 – 24
Cashews: 16 – 18
Macadamia: 10 – 12
Pecans: 18 – 20 halves
Pistachios: 45 – 47
Walnuts: 8 – 11 halves